Beautiful! The library has such a creative design

2018-06-04 16:57 admin
With the change of library architectural design ideas, library buildings must not only consider internal use functions, but also seek novel and unique landscape effects. Take a look at modern library design, with a variety of styles and eclecticities. Let's take a look at these new and unique library buildings.
Jingye·Land Court Book House
In Huairou Township, a suburb of Beijing, near the mountains, there is a chic and elegant library, the Leiyuan Book House, designed by Chinese designer Li Xiaodong. Its design concept is designed to match nature. The total construction area of the Leiyuan Bookstore is approximately 170 square meters. It is a partial two-story building with a steel-wood structure. The outer wall is filled with shrubs used by local villagers to make fire. The wooden exterior wall reduces the weight of the building and makes the building full of books. Book atmosphere.
In addition, the whole building is extremely light-transmitting, and you can enjoy daylight while reading. There is also a space surrounded by a waterside plank road, a flat pebble arrangement, and a fence. The scenery is quiet.
Lonely Sanlian Bookstore seaside public interest library
There is such a library in Nandaihe, Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province. It is a Sanlian Bookstore seaside public interest library. It was designed by Chinese designer Dong Gong and has a total construction area of about 450 square meters. The main body is a two-story reading room with a stair-like seat facing the sea. One side is a large floor-to-ceiling window. At the same time, it also includes meditation rooms, activity rooms and other facilities.
In addition, the entire building pays attention to the use of natural light, the light tube is a glass sunroof, and the water and electricity lines are also not leaking outside. They are all buried in the ground beforehand and are equipped with dehumidification equipment.
Chic Binglin Library
Binglin Library is located at Dushu Lake Campus of Suzhou University. It has a total construction area of 32,000 m2, a height of 39.6m, 8 floors above ground and a basement level. It includes a general library, a consultation desk, a coffee bar, a showroom, a reading room, and an office area. , can collect 750,000 books.
The library is designed by the Architectural Design Institute of Tongji University in Shanghai. The appearance of the library is unique, it is in the form of a lotus petal, and more than two stories are empty in the atrium. The entire building adopts an advanced intelligent management system that fully controls the integration and management.
Long St. Gallen Library
The St. Gallen Abbey Library is the oldest library in Switzerland and one of the oldest and most well-preserved monastery libraries in the world. In 1983, it was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The library is located in the city of St. Gallen in eastern Switzerland and holds a total of 160,000 books, and its virtual digital library holds 478 digitized manuscripts.
The entire building is divided into two open floors. The library shelves and floors are all inlaid with deep reddish-brown walnuts. The dome painting echoes the original colors of the walnuts. The entire building is seamless and sacred and solemn. The staircase leading to the second floor is located at an implied location. The verandah adopts a convex curvature curve. The bookshelf on the library is filled with iron cages and national grade books are displayed behind the iron cage.
Novelty · Berlin Free University University Language Library
The library of the Liberal Institute of Berlin Language School was designed by the design team of Foster + Partners. It has a semi-circular shape and is called "Berlin's Brain." The entire building structure is supported by a steel structure. The space frame of the steel structure is painted bright yellow, while the outer facade is interspersed with silver-plated aluminum panels and shading glass with air holes, and the inner side is covered with a layer of white glass fiber cloth. , can provide good natural ventilation and lighting for the interior.
In addition, the library is reflected by natural light, and when people enter the two spaceship-like entrance gates, they will see three curved platforms that undulate with the internal forms.