BWD004 Marble Medallion

Item No.: BWD004

Size: Dia48"

Color: Black

Finish: Polished,Honed,Tumbled

Material: Marble

Origin: China


We carry an extensive selection of floor medallions, borders & backsplashes that are as durable as they are gorgeous. We work hand in hand with our clients to find a Medallion that will make your space great! We offer a variety of options including like Floor Medallions that will open up any area. We also offer Tile Medallions that can be designed to purpose. We offer marble, granite, and travertine medallion options that can add unique rich beauty to any area. If you are interested in great detail we specialize in mosaic medallions that will add beauty and detail to any space in your home and business. There are endless possibilities, we work closely with you to ensure that you get the medallion you are looking for.
Custom medallions and mosaic floor tile designs can be created based on your design ideas or existing medallions can be resized or reshaped.Our medallions are mounted on a mesh backing and shipped un-grouted for seamless integrations in your floor, can be round, rectangle, oval, diamond,square, and custom design. The popular size is 24”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 60”,72”,80”,96”,108” and custom built are welcome.
Tile Floor Medallions made in Bewell Stone Factory - your source for tile Floor Medallions, custom built for your color choice, whether it be in tile, marble or more! Call us today!

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