BWV015 Spray White Granite Vanity Top

Item No.: BWV015

Size: 25"x19", 31"x19",37"x19",49"x19",61"x19"

Color: White

Finish: Polished,Honed

Material: Granite

Origin: China


Spray White Granite is a kind of grey granite quarried in China.It also called Breaking Waves Granite,Spary White,G 377 Granite,Mengyin Hailang Hua,Mengyin Seawave Flower Granite,Mengyin Spindrift Granite,Sea Wave Flower of Mengyin Granite,White Spray Granite,White Wave Granite,Seawave White Granite.The 43″ Spray White Single Vanity Top is a beautiful grey stone swirled with black and white veins. Granite is a low maintenance material that will upgrade the look of your bathroom in one easy step. 

Bewell Stone is specilized in custom made natural stone granite marble countertop vanity,work tops, bar tops, island top, table top,peninsula counter tops, snak tops prefabricated in Xiamen,China, pls do not hesitate to contact us for good offer and free samples.

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